Friday, August 26, 2011

Catch and release for readers!

Just found out that Laughing for a Living is now on the shelf at the Grandville branch of Kent District Library! So those of you, like me, who prefer to read-and-return can economize and still chuckle over my career. Of course, the book has long been on the shelf of the Sparta library, thanks to librarian friend Cheryl Currier. It pays to have friends in high places!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Comic relief

Even Shakespeare knew you can't do a serious play about history without a little comic relief, and in Henry IV, Part I the comic relief is so  big that the history part takes a back seat. Falstaff, the Elizabethan Everyman who's just as loveable today as 500 years ago, has become the star of the show for many Shakespeare fans. And guess what, he's even funnier when a bearded woman takes on the task, as in the current production by Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company.  Kat Hermes can swagger and stagger with the best of them. For the full review, see Encore Michigan

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Since I laugh for a living, I shouldn't complain  that I've been working overtime this week. First, I chuckled my way through SameTime, Next Year at Circle Theatre on Thursday, and then it was silliness overload on Friday at Mason Street Warehouse's production of The 39 Steps. This spoof of Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 spy movie offers great talent and fun theatricks. (even if there's only four actors playing 100 characters!) For a full review, go to Encore Michigan. Both shows are a great way to cap a lovely summer day.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Have a hoot

The best comedies always make you cry. What's a good laugh if it doesn't touch your heart and make you care? That's what's so great about Bernard Slade's "Same Time, Next Year" at Circle Theatre. It's that hearty kind of funny.  And to make the evening even funnier, my guest for Thursday's opening performance, Diane Steggerda, was talking about plans for the 50th reunion for Grandville High School. A woman in the audience that neither of us knew overheard her and determined that her family purchased the house where Diane's family once lived in Grandville. It turns out the two women grew up in the same bedroom at different times. That could be the inspiration for a new play, "Same Room, Different Time".

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tickled pink

What fun I've been having the past few days making arrangements to promote my books. All of a sudden, people want to book me to speak, to teach about memoir writing, to talk on self-publishing. Even Kent District Library has requested copies of my books. And I'm putting together a display for my beauty shop. Imagine that! I know this is the 15-minutes of fame everyone talks about, but why not enjoy it? Afterall, I am experienced at laughing for a living.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who's laughing now?

Got drenched tonight at the free members concert at Meijer Gardens. We had moved to the back of the arena area because the music was so loud and we were trying to save a little bit of our hearing. We would put up our umbrella for light sprinkles but when it turned into a downpour, we had no option but to packup and head out. It was a shame because it was really a fun concert.