Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zimmer's zingers

Enjoyed a few chuckles today with Kim Zimmer, the West Michigan native who has reigned over soap operas for more than 30 years. Kim has a new book coming out Aug. 2 and it's just as straight forward as she is. Balls-to-the-wall is the way she describes it. "I'm known for being honest," she told me in a phone interview from her New Jersey home. "Fans deserve to know the truth. Why lie about anything?"  She blamed the producers for the demise of "Guiding Light"  in 2009, and likened their decisions to "Springtime for Hitler," the planned-to-fail musical that's the central joke of "The Producers." The show was torpedoed by cutting corners and staff, she said, ignoring the fans and trying to appeal to a new audience. I couldn't help but think how closely that scenario parallels the demise of newspapers.

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  1. Kim Zimmer fans will also enjoy the Mr. Media VIDEO interview in which she talks about working with her friend Alec Baldwin on "The Doctors," replacing Kathleen Turner on "The Doctors" and playing her double onscreen in "Body Heat," her 26 years on "The Guiding Light," and her struggles with alcohol in the show's final years. Check it out:!