Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gaga for Greek God

OMG. Yesterday I interviewed Martin Harvey who was in Detroit with the tour of "Come Fly Away," which is coming to Grand Rapids in October. It's a shame the audience will never hear his lovely British accent, since the dancers in "Come Fly Away" don't speak, but from what I've read, this sexy dancer can say it all with his moves. He starred in the London production of "Dirty Dancing."
       "I started out as an actor and became a ballet dancer against my type," he told me. " I always felt like an imposter. But years of ballet training made me aware of every muscle in my body. It's a wonderful tool in my bag."
       Dare I point out his bag is bulging already with rugged good looks? You can see why he is cast as a Greek God in an upcoming television movie pilot, "Siren." Oh, yeah, and he recently married Grand Rapids native Maria Kowroski, a ballerina with the New York City Ballet. Congratulations, Maria and Martin.

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