Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thanks, Lou!

Today's tough assignment was to interview Ed Asner who will bring his one-man show, FDR, to Van Singel Fine Arts Center Oct. 20. What a delight he was to talk with. I told him his Emmy-winning character, Lou Grant, epitomizes every city editor I've ever worked for. They didn't all look like him, especially the women, but they all seem to have that same dog-with-a-bone determination. "I feel like I've been working for you all my life," I told him. We talked about the challenges newspapers face today and he asked about my career. I told him I took the buy out two years ago. "You can always write books," he said. I told him I'd been doing just that on a small scale. He compared my books to his one-man show. "You're on the stage alone but at least you are out there." Thanks, Lou.

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