Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Like it or not, here comes Santa

   I suppose it's officially Christmas season now. Yesterday I bought my only major Christmas gift. I took my son and his wife to lunch and then we went to Home Depot and purchased a Toro snowblower. Angy drives a bakery truck and heads out in the middle of the night so I wanted to give her a little help with clearing the long driveway at their house.
    Then last night I reviewed "White Christmas" at DeVos Performance Hall. I remember watching the old Bing Crosby movie at Christmas time. And who wouldn't love all that addictive tap dancing? But it reminded me how much more sophisticated my entertainment taste has become over the years. Songs and dancing are fun, but I expect a fully satisfying theater experience now, with characters as rich as the costumes and dialogue and sparkling as the glitter splashed sets.
    My Christmas celebration has changed so much in recent years.No more mountains of Christmas cookies. No more shopping, and wrapping and shipping. Gift cards and charitable donations are better anyway. The annual Christmas letter has been replaced with a blog and for the second year in a row I will forgo Christmas with the family at Mom's house in favor of a quiet, no-present get-away with Steve in Florida. I can honestly say I don't long for a white Christmas anymore. Snow comes with too many strings attached.

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