Monday, January 28, 2013

Sock (it to 'em) Hop

Remember sock hops? Back when I was in junior high and high school, sock hops were all the rage. The well chaperoned dances were held in the school gym, which hosted the other rage of the era -- basketball games. The gym floor was polished until it shone like glass, the pride of the whole school. No one would dare walk across it with street shoes. So when the dances were held, we took off our shoes outside the painted boundaries and wore only our socks for dancing...hence the title "sock hop."

I went to many Valentine's Day "sock hops" but this year I'll be participating in the 21st century version -- a Bloody Valentine's Day Blog Hop. Canadian author A.F. Stewart has asked several Indie authors to join her in posting the sour side of romance instead of the sweet and sappy stuff other sites will be posting.

This is a challenge for me because even though I write murder mysteries, I'm a romantic. A serial killer bumps off 14 in my book Great News Town and yet many of the reviewers comment on how the horror is softened by the community response.

I have no idea what I'll write for the blog hop, but I will be participating along with 15 other authors (most of whom probably aren't old enough to remember disco let alone sock hops!) Thanks to modern technology (and my tech savvy son), you'll be able to "hop" from one post to the other right from Laughing for a Living. So mark your calendar and join us for a Bloody Valentine's Day.

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