Saturday, March 16, 2013

Countdown begins

The sun is setting on another winter in paradise
    Yesterday wasn't just the ides of March. It was the three-month mark of our stay in the keys. We head for home in a little over two weeks.
     There are still several things on my list that haven't been done. Like dinner at Square Grouper. Breakfast at Coco's. We haven't even made it to the Dry Tortugas.
      When we came down in December it seemed like we had plenty of time. We'll do that some day. And that too. We've done most the things that were on our list -- biking and kayaking and fishing, plus a play, a seafood festival, an art show, taking the bus to Key West and trying out several restaurants. We even did some great things that weren't on the list, such as the Key Deer Reserve Day Camp, a full-moon kayak trip and hearing author Tom Corcoran speak. But now as the final days count down, it's hurry, hurry, don't forget.
      I biked the path through the Saddle Bunch Keys today. Check that off.
      We are scheduled for the Dry Tortuga trip on Tuesday.
      We're frying up the fish in the freezer. Clearing out the pantry. And trying to find time to finish the books we brought and that Swedish weaving afghan that has been my TV time handiwork for two winters now.
        And I'm starting to make April appointments in Michigan. AD: After De Drive. I don't know if I'm ready for a chilly spring. But then it will be summer again and not enough time to do everything.

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