Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Saga of the lime green jeans

The capris (pre-stain)  at  Coast Guard Festival
Last spring, I heard that lime green was the "in" color this season. It looks good with my red hair, so when I spied a pair of lime green capris at a flea market, I tried them on. Perfect fit. Good price ($10). Although I didn't have any tops to wear with them, I bought the lime green capris.
      I managed to find a few things in my closet that worked well with the green jeans as I called them. They received several compliments at the Asparagus Fest in Empire, Mi., where I looked painted green for the occasion.
      On a July shopping trip, I bought two new shirts to go with the green jeans which were fast becoming my favorites. I'd only had a chance to wear one of the new shirts when disaster happened: I spilled a glass of red wine on a camping trip and ruined the green jeans.
       I stripped them off immediately and washed them in cool water. No luck. Someone said they had seen a TV spot that made a wine stain disappear with  a spray of Dawn detergent and peroxide. I made a trip to town, bought both, and treated the stain again. Still no luck.
        Once I arrived home I used my favorite stain remover: Oxyclean. Still no luck. The stain was getting lighter and I imagined I could wear the capris around the house or camping and no one would notice much.
        Then I decided to give it one last try. I filled my washer with hot water. Added 1/2 a cup of bleach and a little detergent. Agitated it nicely so it was well mixed and added my capris. Well, you know the result.
       Good ol' bleach took out the stain.
       But it also removed most of the lime color. The only thing green now is the pockets which didn't bleach out for some reason.
       So now that I've spent a small fortune on tops to go with lime capris and cleaning preparations to remove a stain, I no longer have any lime capris.
        There's a lesson in there somewhere.

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