Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Double Friggatriskaidecaphobia!

Just when you thought you made it through Friday the 13th without a mishap, you realize there are only 28 days in February. That means the March day/date combinations are the same. Another Friday the 13th is on the way!
      It would have been the same in 1987, the setting for my most recent book Full Moon Friday. All the craziness of that book happens in one 24-hour period -- Friday, February 13, 1987-- and a few hours into the early morning of a very romantic Valentine's Day.
       Full Moon Friday and my other books -- Great News Town, One Shoe Off and Laughing for a Living -- will be featured this year in a special booth for Great Lakes Authors at the West Michigan Women's Expo at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids. The timing is especially appropriate since the March expo will open on Friday the 13th.
       I decided to celebrate the double Friggatrikaidekaphobia of back-to-back Friday-the-13ths by reducing the list price of Full Moon Friday on Amazon.  So if you can't wait for the Women's Expo, you can order a copy here for just $11.69 for a limited time only. Let the madness begin!

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