Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Writers' Rendezvous

     Every now and then you meet a person with so many irons in the fire that you can't help but catch a spark or two yourself.
     Joan Young is just such a person. The list of books she's written requires its own website. She writes fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, poetry and a regular column for the Ludington Daily News. She has a new book coming out this month in her latest series, mysteries for children.
      That would be enough for most people but Joan is also knee deep in promoting the annual Writers' Rendezvous at Ludington Center For the Arts. The event, which is coming up July 21, will feature a couple dozen Michigan authors signing and selling their works as well as chatting with fans and reading excerpts. It's one of those can't miss events for Michigan literary types.
        (I'll be there, of course, with my Jordan Daily News Mysteries. Hope to see you.) 


Name: Joan H. Young
Hometeam: West Michigan- Ludington area
Position: author- it's remotely possible I've decided what to be when I grow up
Batting average: North Country Cache,  Anastasia Raven Mysteries (5 titles), Dubois Files Mysteries (3 titles for children)


 If you love small towns with all their foibles and yet with a solid sense of community, you'll feel right at home in the environs of Dead Mule Swamp. And if fiction isn't your thing, North Country Cache, my non-fiction account of hiking the North Country National Scenic Trail, received an award from Independent Publishers and has been enjoyed by hikers and non-hikers alike.

Considering the positions on a baseball team -- such as catcher, shortstop, left field, etc. -- which best describes the way you write and why? I'm sure a lot of my friends consider me to be out (way out) in left field, because I'm all over the place. I have written non-fiction about my hiking adventures, faith-based books, mysteries, short stories (humor to horror), poetry, and essays. I like to try new things, and am contemplating the plot of a technothriller.

Tell us about your  double play:  The Dubois Files mysteries are a spin-off from the Anastasia Raven books. One of Ana's friends, Cora, has always lived in Forest County, and she has lots of stories to tell (to middle graders, or adults who are feeling nostalgic) about her growing-up years. She and her friends have adventures, solve mysteries, and learn about themselves. It's been a lot of fun to use the same world that was already created, but to take things back in time by 60 years to the 1950s. The fourth Dubois Files book will be coming out near the end of July.

No one wins a game alone. Who’s on your team? A lifetime spent in small towns and the real-life existence of Dead Horse Marsh sparked the chemistry to create the fictional world of Forest County in the "northwoods." The cast of characters that seem to keep people coming back to the Anastasia Raven books are Ana herself, Adele Volger- Cherry Hill's nosy grocery store owner with a heart of gold, Cora- the self-appointed county historian in overalls, Jerry- owner and editor of the Cherry Hill Herald, and young Jimmie Mosher who is introduced in the second story- The Hollow Tree in Dead Mule Swamp. In the Dubois Files, young Cora Dubois is best friends with the elder Jimmie Mosher (grandfather to the boy in the Anastasia Raven books). Their other friends include Laszlo Szep- son of the Hungarian tenant farmer, and George and Ruby Harris, African-American siblings.

So what’s your game plan? The Bigg Boss (Dubois Files #4) will be out July 21, in time for the Writers' Rendezvous in Ludington, Michigan. I'll be giving a program and will have books for sale at the Montague Library Aug. 8, then Manistee Book Expo Aug. 11, and Shagway Arts Barn (Ludington) vendor event Sept. 15. I hope to have Dead Mule Swamp Mistletoe ready to release for Christmas, and North Country Quest by early May.

COMING SOON: Crazy Cat Lady Janet Vormittag is next at bat.


  1. Absolutely love this! Good luck to all y'all on your event. It sounds fabulous so I hope you have an enthusiastic response and a wonderful day for writers and attenders.