Friday, December 17, 2010

Surf and Steve

Talked with Steve today about Good (or Great) News Town as we were sitting on the balcony watching the surf. When I wrote the book in 2001, I decided to set it in 2001 instead of 1984 when the serial murders that inspired it happened. Police procedure had changed a lot but since it isn't a police procedural, I just tried to update the newpaper business computer layout instead of going to the backshop for layout. When the book hadn't sold by 2007, I updated the procedures and all the dates to 2007 -- everyone had cell phones and cameras were digital. Now if I publish in 2011, do I update to today's iffy newspaper era, where posting on the internet supersedes the paper publication or do I return to 1984, the good ol' small town newspaper era? I was leaning toward going back to 1984, but Steve suggested keeping it in 2007 and then letting the sequels deal with the problems newspapers are facing now... so many losing their jobs, twitter and internet...... an interesting idea to ponder. I am listening to the surf and Steve.

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