Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Job

Well, it is the first of December. But when I awoke to snow on the deck this morning, I had just one thought. My book signing. I wouldn't get in a car on a snowy evening to go to a book signing, not even for a friend. And my friends didn't either. Except Kym. She was there, even though she had to drive round the block several times to find a spot that wouldn't cost $7.50. We sold exactly four books -- mostly to employees of Civic Theatre which will receive the proceeds of all books sold at the theater. Before I left, I signed the rest of the books, leaving them a supply that should last until I return from Florida next spring. Other authors told me that book signings are not the way to sell books, but I thought I had figured a good angle ... a book about theater, to benefit the theater and offered in a theater to a theater audience. But I figured wrong. Even with a nice radio spot and a nice story in The Press. People didn't even stop to get a piece of candy. Perhaps I needed to speak up more, call people over, hand out bookmarks, hawk the books. The one lady who purchased a book said she had read about it in the paper. My kind of lady. She'll enjoy the book.

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  1. Book signings are definitely not for the timid or demure. You must be willing to read, perform, bravely and brazenly and brashly engage people.