Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy 13

    Today's the day -- February 13.
     My next book, Full Moon Friday, takes place on February 13. But not this February 13. A very special February 13 in 1987. A day when the cycles of the moon converged with the calendar to create the strange electricity that can only happen on a full moon Friday the 13th. Everything goes wrong. 
      A forest is on fire. A school  bus is missing. A movie star visit turns into a shootout and a body falls out of the sky. Just the typical newsday in Jordan, Ill. And the staff of the Jordan Daily News is covering the stories, solving the mysteries.
      The  characters from Great News Town and One Shoe Off return for one crazy, madcap day.
       Full Moon Friday will be released on a very special date in June, when the full moon once again converges with Friday the 13th. So mark your calendars now. June 13, 2014. It's coming!

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