Friday, February 14, 2014

Love story

       As I look up at tonight's beautiful full moon, I can't help but think of another Valentine's Day in the full moonlight. Full Moon Friday, my next book, happens on a full moon Friday the 13th which just happened to fall on February 13, 1987.
       As I mentioned before, everything goes wrong and the staff of the Jordan Daily News is caught up in a monsoon of mishaps. But after Friday the 13th comes to a close, the clock keeps ticking. That's right. After swirling through a madcap Friday the 13th, Full Moon Friday ends on Saturday morning. Valentine's Day. All the craziness fades away and the story winds down to the basic elements. Love. Love times four. Four couples all facing different stages of romantic relationships.
      Full Moon Friday is really a romance. And it will be released June 13, 2014.
      Happy Valentine's Day!

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