Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trail or trial?

        This Friday night's  "Trail of Michigan Authors" is an ambitious collection of 50 local authors at one bookstore -- Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Muskegon.
        Maybe it's my dyslexia acting up, but every time I see the title of this event I imagine 50 Michigan authors  on TRIAL. And I guess in a way that's what a book-signing is, a trial of authors where the readers are the judge and jury. The author has a chance to testify and present evidence. The reader decides whether an author is guilty of writing a book that sounds too interesting to pass up -- or a book that would be the perfect gift for someone on the Christmas list. .
        And with 50 authors lining the aisles of the store, it should be the TRIAL of the century.
         Order in the court. Order in the court. The trial...ah, about to begin!

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